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The Wellerman [click]

A traditional Sea Shanty sung by Nathan Evans, a 26yo (former) postman in Scotland of TikTok fame: one of the several feel good stories from the Covid-19 lockdown
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Affaire Maudet: le jugement [click]

L’Etat de Genève, qui n’a perdu que le temps que le Parquet a choisi de perdre, va donc encaisser le montant de “l’avantage”…

e-Cilo in London [click]

Thanks to Swytch Bike (they deliver a great kit: front wheel with electric motor, pedal sensor and removable handlebar battery) and VeloCity, the fantastic mobile bicycle mechanics (I’m an end user, not a geek), my trusty 30yo Swiss Made Cilo is now an e-bike!

Switzerland’s shameful vote at WHO [click]

On a resolution to condemn Israel (and Israel alone) at the WHO, Switzerland didn’t vote NO like Canada, the UK or Germany. Switzerland didn’t abstain like Norway, Sweden, Finland and 29 other countries – or simply joined the 56 “absent”. Switzerland made a point of voting YES to a resolution co-sponsored by Syria, Cuba or Turkey.

Two questions to Foreign Secretary Cassis and the Federal Government:

  1. Is this a mistake, for which someone has to be sacked (as it happened recently in Uruguay)?

  2. Or is it a naked appeal to votes from dictatorships in the ill-considered candidacy of Switzerland to the UN Security Council?

In Switzerland, trans people speak for themselves in a magnificent coffee table book [click]

My latest post (in French) on Un Swissroll. The book is in French, German and Italian.

TRANS*: le «coffee table book»

Avec TRANS*, Epicène, l’association des personnes transgenres en Suisse, publie un splendide ouvrage optimiste, didactique et apaisé à l’usage du grand public. Loin de l’acrimonie qui sème la division chez les féministes et les LGBT dans le monde anglo-saxon Commandé il y a des mois lorsque j’avais découvert Epicène et sa fondatrice, Lynn Bertholet, dans …

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Le squat relooké ZAD à Eclepens [click]

Heidi.News présente l’occupation d’une colline destinée à l’extension d’une carrière à Eclepens comme “la première ZAD suisse”, sur le modèle de Notre-Dame des Landes qui n’est pas devenue un aéroport grâce à une action militante. Le mot squat est certes un anglicisme, mais connu de toutes et tous. Le recours à une terminologie franco-française récente, même ironiquement pseudo-administrative, y ajoute-t-il quelque chose?

Mais surtout, la chose n’a rien de nouveau, elle est inscrite depuis longtemps dans l’histoire sociale et la mémoire militante. Et aussi en dehors des problématiques de logement ou d’urbanisme: l’occupation du chantier de la centrale nucléaire de Kaiseraugst remonte à 1975…

Cooperation vs. competition [click]

In Britain, I am struck how much society is geared for competition rather than cooperation, be it the school system, debating competitions or first past the post. You need a balance between the two, of course. This game looks like an interesting way to show how the Swiss society (and direct democracy, woefully misunderstood here) works.

Micro-local community farm [click]

In my city neighbourhood in the heart of London UK, we have a few “guerilla gardens”: the ground around trees lining the street transformed by inhabitants growing wonderful flowers. But this is an altogether different level!


Death of Lord Hutton, Andrew Sullivan returns to the blog [click]

Hutton was a hero of swissroll.info, see our posts from August-September 2003.

An occasion to mark the anniversary of this blog, started on 3 August 2003. As we explained elsewhere, Jean-Paul Guisan (aka Guillaume Barry) and I were inspired to start one by reading blogs ourselves, notably the Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan. He stopped 5 years ago, being a confirmed commentator in mainstream media – but it’s due to reappear as The Weekly Dish! Behold!

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