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News and views (gay or not!) on earth, in heaven, left or right, from Geneva, London or elsewhere

12 ans

Juste un mot, pour marquer l’anniversaire de ce blog!

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First day volunteering at #lizforleader HQ.

Not everything is online or calling members or supporters on the phone: I was tasked with counting as requested copies of a nice introduction letter, putting them in enveloppes, and writing addresses. Back to basics!

Victim of the lack of CCTV…

My bike was stolen while I was at the gym. Since there are cameras everywhere in London (both on the public domain and outside private properties), my hope was that my thief was going to be caught someday. Unfortunately, this particular corner of the building or the road is not (yet) covered by CCTV.

Happy 4th of July!

Hard truths, from one of my favorite charities.