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Commentaire de l'actualité (gaie ou non!) sur terre, au ciel, à gauche, à droite, de Genève, de Londres ou d'ailleurs
News and views (gay or not!) on earth, in heaven, left or right, from Geneva, London or elsewhere
Using a computer instead of trying to learn how to use it.
Freedom of speech upheld.

And this in Northern Ireland, a country understandably sensitive on « offending » communities. A lesson for LGB or left-wing lobbies so quick to call for the law and the judiciary to silence opponents, rather than speak back.

Notice also the support of an Islamic academic and the National Secular Society.

A narrow and slaloming Third Way?

Internationalist – but (with hindsight) not against Saddam? "Neither Blair, nor Corbyn"? Piketty, really?

So I have some doubts – but interesting nevertheless.

The Halfbike has arrived.

Second Kickstarter parcel of the day, this one from Bulgaria! We will be 40 proud owners in London, where and when should we have a get together (after assembling and mastering the beast)?